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This blog is a temp while my real site Title Undecided is in domain transfer limbo but I wanted to put this out there for today. I wrote this last year for 9/11 and today it rings even more true with current events (links updated for this year).



It is easy to post a picture and say something like ‘never forget’. But what is it specifically that we are not supposed to forget? I don’t think anyone will forget that we were attacked by fanatical lunatics, or where they were when they heard the news. But who remembers…
246 travelers, men, women, and children just doing what so many of us do all the time. Included in that total are the brave souls of flight 93 who saved an unknown number more people.
2273 people of all walks of life who were just going about their daily lives unaware that evil was coming to them that day.
343 of the fire fighters who rushed into the infernos and made the ultimate sacrifice.
60 officers of the law between two departments who never left that last call to serve and protect.
55 military personnel who had sworn their oaths to defend us all, but when they left for work that day did not know they would be the first casualties of a whole new kind of war for our country.
How about the fact that 19 evil men were able to make every single person old enough to understand what was happening feel the fear that anything could happen at any time and that we could never again consider ourselves to be truly safe anywhere. In so doing they won their objective.

Who remembers the unity of our country as we all moved from the fear to righteous anger as recruiting stations everywhere filled to overflowing in the days after. We didn’t yet know who, but we as a country all knew that the sleeping giant had been woken and there would be justice. Because of this those who harbored and directed those 19 agents of evil surely lost.

There was also in the following days a strong sentiment that we had to watch out for ourselves. A notion to be ever vigilant and prepared in a variety of ways for the things life could throw at any of us. Not just the jihadists who plot and scheme but from all the smaller evils and disasters that could disrupt our world. Indeed the giant was waking and looking for those who had stirred its wrath; but it also contemplated how it had gotten to be so comfortable and complacent in the first place. This was the groundswell that brought the self-defense and ‘prepper’ movements out of the fringe and made them look more like common sense as we all saw that things could happen at any time. I believe this was the one win most of our society could take away from the atrocity.

Lastly one thing all too often glossed over is that in all of this chaos, turmoil, and raw emotion there was the ever present cry to “do something about it” which led a proud nation to submit meekly and in stages to things like the TSA security theater gropings and rights violations all the way to our own government violating the very Constitution it is built on in ways never before dreamt possible. I don’t think anyone wins here except maybe George Orwell gets to look down and say “I called that”.

So now that we remember, how about doing something about it.
Or supporting others who do.
Or have we forgotten already?